TelecomsDone - Telecoms software and hardware sales opportunities in China:

The 3G licenses were granted by Chinese government to 3 multi-service carriers in January 2009 with a plan to invest 600 billion Yuan in the following 3 years to build three types of 3G networks. China Mobile was granted a TD-SCDMA license whose intellectual property rights were owned by China. China Telecom acquired a CDMA2000 license. China Unicom has the most popular WCDMA license. The 3 carriers have so far finished the phase 1 construction and developed their initial 3G users.

This situation means there are wonderful opportunities for European, US and Canadian to supply hardware and software solutions into these emerging networks. TelecomsDone is positioning itself as a liason between the big three telecoms companies and our Clients. We have knowledge and experience selling software and hardware solutions into all of the big three companies in some of the 22 provinces in China. Note: Each of the 22 provinces have their own ringfenced division of some or all of the Big Three companies.

TelecomsDone - Support:

With our local staff in your country, we can supply consultancy and receive training from your company on your Product range.

These staff will then manage your pre-sales and support requirements as we develop the knowledge of the remote staff in the country into which you want to do business.

TelecomsDone - Demos, Test and Test automation:

With our sister company(TestingDone), we can deliver this Service very well. Please see our sister company's website: testingdone

Using TestingDone's expertise we can design and implement Demos of your Product. we can host these Demos on our servers or your servers and give DMZ access to the prospective Customers and/or sales teams, for proof of Concept of new Functionality or Demonstration of Existing Products.

TelecomsDone - Development:

With our staff in China we offer agile style development of Requirements.

A project manager that is experienced with Agile Development will deliver the Requirements in the form of Test Cases.

The Development Team will then set about developing the solution that will satisfy that Test Case.

When delivered, the Requirement will be satisfied and will have a set of Tests to prove it.

TelecomsDone - Localization:

With our global staff in China, Ireland, Poland and Canada we offer Localization of your: Products, websites, User Guides and other Documentaion.

If you want to have an office set up in the Region we can also provide this service and supply staff to man the offices.

If you want to have a website in the Region, with contacts that speak the langiage and know your products then we can supply this service too.

TelecomsDone - Website development:

We have experienced website designers and we can do this in any of the following languages: Polish, Chinese and English.

See: deltawebdesign> and RaysWork Studio for more information.

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