About Us
TelecomsDone is a globally placed Telecoms Services company with offices in Ireland, Poland, China and recently Canada.

Our company is made up of highly profesional staff with a track record in Telecomunications Sales, Implementation, Support, Test and Development.

TelecomsDone - Timezones:

with our staff in 4 time zones we can offer both: the seller and the buyer, instant access to the projects throughout it's development and implementation.

We work our projects through these timezones with a handover mechanism, meaning that China will handover to Europe and Europe will handover to North America - giving 24 hour coverage of any issue until it is solved.

TelecomsDone - Knowledge:

Our staff have experience in software and hardware with in the telecoms industry in the realms of ADSL, ISDN and Wireless/Mobile. Accross standards such as: GSM, UMTS, CDMA and TDMA. We have experience with protocols for SMS, WAP, SMTP, MMS, RADIUS, LDAP, SMPP, SNMP and OMC.

Our modus operanda is to provide a local interface between buyer and seller. Part of the services is localization, legals and support and with the help of our sister TestingDone company, we can provide services for software and hardware such as demos as well as presales and post sales support.

Our remote staff will develop your business in the remote region while skilling up to a level where we can previde pre-sales support to the potential customers. The local staff will act as an interface between your company and the potential clients and we will use a shared wiki to raise and prioritise customer needs and requirements as we develop the business.

24-hour day (UTZ times)

China gets handover of issues from Canada
Working time(including lunch): 00:00-09:00

Ireland and Poland gets handover of issues from China
Working time(including lunch): 07:00-17:00

Canada gets handover of issues from Ireland
Working time(including lunch): 16:00-01:00

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